Brands Rejoice! Facebook Reactions Are Here

By 26th February 2016 No Comments



Philippe Jeanjean, Head of Digital

The redesigned Facebook reaction buttons are finally here! Facebook users have long wanted a ‘dislike’ button, but the company decided to provide a wider range of five reactions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. The Like button has always been a huge part of interacting on Facebook, and one of the key ways in which brands measure audience engagement, so the new reactions will offer some great opportunities.

Brands want to use Facebook to elicit emotional reactions from consumers, so tailoring content to these five specific emotions can offer an additional level of engagement. Brands like Chevrolet are already incorporating the new reactions into their creative ideas.


By tailoring content to elicit specific emotional reactions, brands can add another level of detail to their measurement – i.e. the difference between Likes and Loves .Of course, it will now be even more important for brands to have a sophisticated evaluation approach in order to get a clear picture from these additional insights.