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Maximise consumer awareness of NEFF’s existing ATL Cookaholics platform and increase engagement by making it relevant to the target consumer.

Pictured: Stacie Stewart working in the Cookalholics Kitchen. MasterChef finalist and TV Chef, Stacie Stewart, and NEFF, today unveil the world's first restaurant where everything is paid for with a recipe. Diners will settle their bill by posting their personal take on a classic recipe to Twitter or Instagram using the #CookaholicsKitchen and @_BakeItYourself The NEFF Cookaholics Kitchen will open as a pop-up at London's Granary Square, Kingís Cross, in the Waitrose Cookery School, to celebrate the nationís love of cooking and culinary creativity. For further press information, please contact: / 020 3757 6800


NEFF’s Cookaholics are a panel of five cooking enthusiasts, passionate about getting creative in the kitchen and used in ATL activations.  Whilst NEFF’s target audience share their food enthusiasm, they weren’t necessarily aware of, nor had any emotional attachment to, NEFF’s Cookaholics.


We launched NEFF’s first ever nationwide search to find the next Cookaholic – someone who would join our existing panel to be involved in recipe and product testing and used in future activations. Entrants had to submit their favourite recipe with their own personal, unique Cookaholic’s twist through the NEFF website.

We launched the search by partnering with MasterChef finalist, Stacie Stewart, who created five of her own recipes with a twist, which were served at the ‘Cookaholics Kitchen’ – the world’s first pop-up restaurant where customers paid for their meal with a recipe on social media.

delicious magazine’s editor, Karen Barnes, joined Stacie on our judging panel and ran an advertorial in the magazine to drive consumers to enter the competition.

With Stacie using her social channels to drive engagement and awareness, additional coverage driving tactics were implemented including a news story and radio day revealing we’re a nation of  ‘Recipe Rebels’ who like to put our own unique – and sometimes bizarre – twists on traditional recipes, as well as exclusive recipe placement and interview content with Stacie across food and women’s consumer lifestyle publications.

Entries were whittled down to two finalists who took part in a head-to-head cook-off event at Big Feastival to find our winning Cookaholic.


The campaign reached over 18 million consumers through 73 pieces of national, regional and online coverage and delivered 3/4 of a million impressions on social media over just four months.