Publicasity was brought on board to raise awareness of Malawi water charity Pump Aid on Global Handwashing Day – a day of the year when access to clean water and sanitation is a hot topic and many of the large water charities are investing large spends on marketing.


Video is one of the most powerful tools for building awareness in the charity sector and ones that pull on heartstrings are the norm, a video which shocks the viewer and puts them into a ‘what if’ mind-set, can really resonate and drive them to take action.


To achieve stand-out, we created a short, emotive film ( showing the extent of the issues in Malawi such as access to clean water and hygiene. The film explored the water usage of a British family on a normal day, and looked at what life would be like if our water was dirty and polluted, making it relatable to the viewing audience. This video was then seeded across a number of platforms including Pump Aid’s owned social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), influencer social media platforms (bloggers, media, industry spokespeople) and on the UK’s top blogging sites.


We secured 42 tweets on Global Handwashing Day from a number of influencers sharing the Pump Aid video and we successfully recruited over 20 of the UK’s most influential online influencers to share the video to their communities / readers – reaching 124,000 Twitter users. We negotiated feature coverage, including video embedding, from top bloggers across a number of different fields to capture widespread audience, achieving a total readership of 135,000.

Overall, we achieved 35,000 video views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on the day.

As a result, Pump Aid saw a 45% increase in clicks on their website and a 25% increase in donations that month.