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​Face to Face Vs. Facebook


Media relations absolutely remains a core foundation skill of any good PR consultant, still with huge value because of all the good solid basics of networking and relationship development that sits at the heart.

It drives creative thinking to ensure your client’s story is noticed and being cogniscent of what’s happening in a wide range of media plus social listening, and this has evolved from the ‘traditional’ media relations.

Now more often you’ll see media approaches and engagement over social media and email. Given the nature we all consume media in such a fragmented manner, there’s also more of an expectation to be ‘always on’.

However I believe, there is nothing more effective than a face to face meeting to make that connection and create a relationship with the journalist or blogger to gain their trust in you and know what to expect in terms of quality PR.

Given we’ve always been the brokers and brand guardians of earnt reputation, you can’t achieve that entirely from behind a device or laptop and that also migrates into direct to consumer comms.

By Zoë Ward-Waring