Facebook Algorithm Updates

By 6th October 2017 No Comments

by Aaron Huckett, Digital Account Director

In an attempt to stop the spread of fake and inappropriate news, Facebook is temporarily stopping advertisers targeting users with ‘self-reported’ targeting fields (ie. information you have provided to Facebook) which give insights to personal characteristics. This vast data is one of the companies biggest selling points for the brands as you can reach granular audiences at scale in a way that’s never been possible before. By removing some targeting it will not be as specific and detailed as previously. It also showcases another example of what can happen when the algorithms that drive Facebook’s business and determine what you see, and don’t see, in News Feed, aren’t properly managed.

This will effect brands in two ways:

  1. Link posts are on the decline – it’s time to prepare for another drop in organic traffic to websites
  2. Paid distribution continues to be hugely important but Facebook is going to be making it harder to target on such a granular level

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