Fat Is In, Sugar Is Out… The Hot Food Trends For 2016

By 25th January 2016 No Comments

Ali Patel, PR Consultant


Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute launched its third annual ‘Culinary Trendscape’ last week and the results made for interesting reading.

Here are some key ones to include in your events, or to look out for if you out and about over the coming months:

• Cooking with fire – think ‘refined Bear Grylls’ here with wood-fired grills, specialty charcoals for intense flavours

• Inspired ice creams – exotic and adventurous are the name of the game here, so keep an eye out for chorizo/caramel and black pepper/butter blends

• Traditional fats – fat is back! Think beef tallow, rendered chicken fat and even avocados

• Simple and real – consumers’ continue to push the trend for more wholesome food options, simpler ingredients and transparency about what is in the food on the plate

I would like to add one additional trend of my own to the Culinary Trendscape for 2016:

• Recipe reformulation to reduce sugar – with the obesity crisis continuing to intensify consumer opinion and governmental pressure, it looks like this is indeed the year when fat is in and sugar is out!