Feeling Upbeat about our latest win

By 17th October 2017 No Comments

by Barbara Normile, Associate Director

We’re filled with energy this week as we’ve just been appointed by dairy protein smoothie, Upbeat, owned by family run British business Volac, to run their consumer press office.

Upbeat delivers good, sustained energy with high protein and real fruit and we’re going to be repositioning the brand as a healthy lifestyle smoothie to keep you going throughout the day, rather than a sports protein drink, due to its top-quality protein, low GI and slow release energy.

Our food and lifestyle teams will be extolling the virtues of promote the brand’s healthy credentials and relevance to health conscious, but not obsessed, females and males through a calendar of media engagement, press events and influencer seeding.

We’re excited about the brand which is well placed within the current trends towards the target market wanting to eat healthily with a focus on feeling good with confidence and this campaign is the latest extension of our food and drink expertise as we move into the wellbeing category. Can’t wait to get started!