Food for Thought: The Trends We’ll be Tasting in 2017

By 10th January 2017 No Comments

By Claire Eden, Senior Account Executive

2016 was all about rainbow food, uber – specialised eateries (including the opening of Hipchips, a restaurant just serving crisps and dip), the humble cauliflower and the return of handmade pasta, but what will we be eating, drinking and snapping in 2017?


Edamame Noodles

Move over courgetti, there’s a new carb alternative in town. According to Sainbury’s, Edamame noodles are flying off their shelves, as is pea pasta and beetroot rice. Only time will tell us whether this is a January detox fad or a trend that’s here to stay.


Matcha who? 2017 is all about the ‘golden milk’ latte, made with the powerful member of the ginger family, turmeric. With Sainsbury’s seeing sales increases of fresh turmeric root up 45 per cent year on year, and turmeric tea and juice already available to the UK market, it’s clear to see that the herb’s widely reported health benefits –  including improved cognitive function and anti – inflammatory properties – are resonating with those in the know. Expect to see turmeric used in more and more restaurant dishes across the capital.

Sherry cocktails

Once resigned to the traditional trifle, this dry tipple is now popping up on the menus of London and Manchester’s coolest bars, with experts praising the unusual edge it adds to a cocktail. Not convinced? Take inspiration from the Spanish and add a teaspoon to your Gin & Tonic to take it to the next level.


This ever popular interiors trend has crept into food, with marbled macarons, cakes and meringues making waves on Instagram and Facebook. From ‘unicorn inspired’ varieties to show-stopping marbled mirrorglazing, this is surely the most photogenic trend of the lot.

Hero Vegetables

2016 saw restaurants step up their veg game and produce inspiring dishes. This year, expect to see the likes of aubergine, seaweed and broccoli replacing meat as mains, with purple veg varieties predicted to be the stars of the show.

Moreover, Mintel research suggests we might be seeing more cakes made with vegetables and sweets made with vegetable juice this year. Let the meat – free mania commence!




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