Functional Ingredients: We Love Eating

By 29th September 2015 No Comments

Ali Patel, Consultant

WLE Launch Slide

We love eating!

As a writer on functional ingredients here at Publicasity and also as a mother of two teenagers, I am watching with interest the launch of the new EU campaign ‘ We Love Eating’. Its focus is to encourage healthy eating in seven target cities and, if successful, roll out the lessons learned to the wider populace.

In the UK, Bradford is the city of choice and the campaign was officially launched there on 17th September. Local organisations ran a range of events and activities, all with the focus of showing the ‘pleasure healthy food brings and the quality of it, rather than the quantity’. Incidentally 17th September also saw the London Health Commission release results showing that London is far behind other world cities with appalling rates of childhood and adult obesity!

As we are all well aware, changing any habit can be hard, however a move towards healthier eating is much needed. In fact, The BENEO Institute, a Publicasity functional ingredients client, decided to analyse global fibre intake data from 27 countries to see whether we were achieving even basic recommended daily fibre intake levels. The results made for stark reading:

Only six of the countries analysed were consuming the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended daily fibre intake of at least 25 grams of total dietary fibres from wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables per day

It only takes a walk down the road to realise we are one of many nations that need to fall back in love with healthy eating, so it will be interesting to see how this new initiative is received. I’m off to eat an apple now…..what about you!?