Geofilter updates on Snapchat

By 9th March 2016 No Comments

Megan D’Arcy, PR Consultant


Recently, Snapchat has introduced the option for anyone to create personalised geofilters.

Now Snapchat has two forms of geofilters


These cost nothing to create, are linked to small location, and cannot include marketing or logos

On Demand

These are paid-for but can be used on a much wider location and can include logos and branding

The latest update allows brands and smaller businesses to create their own geofilter, so Snapchat effectively becomes a marketing channel. This rollout comes after big brands such as McDonald’s, Nike and The Hunger Games tested a Beta version last year, as they tried to connect with a younger audience who are harder to reach through other networks, like Facebook.

Costing from as little as $5, the on-demand geofilters can cover up to 5,000,000 square feet. Users simply need to create the artwork, specify the location and submit to Snapchat for approval. This takes around one day, you can then follow the metrics of the geofilter online. By sharing the metrics so quickly, Snapchat is encouraging PR and marketing professionals to trial the app as a way of reaching a younger audience. We’re looking forward to seeing how brands use geofilters moving forwards and whether updates like this will help to make Snapchat a key network for marketing to young adults.