Getting Your Foot in the Door: An Alternative Route to Your Career in PR

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“The Government committed to providing an additional £40million for 20,000 more new higher apprenticeship starts over the 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic years” (House of Commons)

This is why it is the perfect time for you to begin reviewing your career options. Following our campaign last week, “A Week in the Life of a PR Apprentice” we have come up with our own Top Tips to help young individuals kick-start their future career within PR.

After both leaving college and finding ourselves interested in the PR industry, but dubious of a university education, we began researching through websites and various social media; all of which instantly pointed us in the direction of the National Apprenticeship Service. After a bit of hard work, preparation (and possibly a spot of luck) we have found ourselves embracing (and loving) life at Publicasity, working with a team of vibrant and inspired individuals. During our time at Publicasity, our experiences have taught us a range of valuable skills that are guaranteed to help us progress through the industry – skills we would have had difficulty acquiring through a textbook.

Our Three Top Tips

  • Research the industry and its opportunities – Ensure you thoroughly research the PR industry. PR is one of the most diverse industries out there, so consider where this career could take you – there’s no limit to your future prospects. You’ll be surprised how many offers are available, however be sure to only commit to the ones that spark a valid interest. This is a major step onto your personal career ladder, so make it count!
  • Keep on your toes – Opportunities can arise at any given time, so be ready to pounce! It can help to register on apprenticeship sites to keep informed of the latest opportunities. Visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk, the National Apprenticeship Service website, which lists all current vacancies for various sectors. For convenient access to vacancies on the go, download the AV Search app.
  • Gather as much relevant experience as possible – Do anything you can to gain experience which relates to PR; create a blog on something you enjoy, help organise an event, do whatever you can to put yourself ahead of the competition. Being proactive and keeping up with the latest brand campaigns can help you stand out when you reach the interview stages. There’s a constant flow of inspirational campaigns across all sectors – it’s surprising what you can learn from them.

Rianna says: “When I realised I was interested in a career within the PR industry, I did as much as I could to help build up relevant experience. My friend and I had our own blog which I updated regularly with relevant news and articles – this was then recognised by a magazine, giving me opportunities to write reviews for them. I also helped organise school-based events, as well as organising my own charity event one summer. I found that both of these achievements were easy and relevant to talk about in my interview for Publicasity; I believe that it was this experience that helped me stand out from other interviewees.”

With apprenticeships now being seen as a popular alternative to university, and over 85 PR Apprentices successfully placed since the start of the scheme in 2012, (source: PRCA) this is a field that is growing before our eyes, so why wait? Come and join us as the next generation of PR professionals.

Rianna Spray & Nathan Childs

Rianna and Nathan are Team Assistants at Publicasity