GREY GOOSE Unveils 2016 Film Awards Season Cocktail Collection

By 21st January 2016 No Comments

Lianne Walsh, Consultant

Last night we invited trade media to an event for our client GREY GOOSE, the leading super premium vodka. Held at the Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols, to preview the 2016 GREY GOOSE Film Awards Season Cocktail Collection. The cocktails have been inspired by some of this year’s most acclaimed movies and were created by GREY GOOSE master mixologist and global brand ambassador Joe McCanta, who also hosted the event. After a Le Fizz and canape reception, Joe took the guests through each of the seven cocktails, showing us how to mix them and why they were best matched to the movie.

Our favourite cocktail from the collection was the GREY GOOSE Le Rêve inspired by the movie ‘Escape’. Described as ‘a light and refreshing mix of GREY GOOSE La Poire, coconut and Thai basil. Designed to remind you of an island breeze’ – I could definitely imagine myself sipping one of these on a tropical beach!

Also on offer was the GREY GOOSE VX Martini Exceptionnelle cocktail, featuring the mixed spirit drink GREY GOOSE VX, a blend of GREY GOOSE vodka finished with a hint of cognac.

You can sample one (or more) of these delicious cocktails during the month of February, exclusively at the Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols. The full menu is listed below.

Inspired by the movie ‘Love Conquers All’
A soft and elegant combination of GREY GOOSE Le Citron, peach, lemon and ginger, delicately imbued with rose notes.
GREY GOOSE Femme Confidante
Inspired by the movie ‘Female Empowerment’
This aromatic on the classic Marlene Dietrich cocktail features GREY GOOSE L’Orange, Grand Marnier and Lady Grey tea.
Inspired by the movie ‘Escape’
A light and refreshing mix of GREY GOOSE La Poire, coconut and Thai basil, designed to remind you of an island breeze.
GREY GOOSE Bitter Revenge
Inspired by the movie ‘Revenge’
Dark, foreboding with a slightly bitter taste, this cocktail is deep rouge in colour and wonderfully aromatic.
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GREY GOOSE Martini Cocktail
Inspired by the movie ‘The Big Idea’
The signature GREY GOOSE martini cocktail is stirred, never shaken.
GREY GOOSE VX Martini Exceptionnelle Cocktail
An extraordinary twist on the classic martini cocktail, made with GREY GOOSE VX and a hint of absinthe and honey water, garnished with a skewer of frozen grapes.
An elegant and refreshing combination of GREY GOOSE vodka, fresh lime juice and St-Germain elderflower liqueur, topped with chilled soda water.