Happy World Cocktail Day everyone!

By 13th May 2016 No Comments

We’re looking forward to a drink even more than usual tonight as it’s…. World Cocktail Day! Our resident drinks experts make it their job to know the best places to drink (such dedication to work…) so here’s some of our top tips for bars to visit around the world.


Trickdog – San Francisco

An amazingly cool yet unpretentious bar in possibly the most laid-back city in the world, San Francisco, Trickdog blew me away when I was there with BACARDI last month. Josh (the owner) was the most welcoming host and really knows his stuff and despite the bar staff being absolutely slammed, they consistently knocked out top-notch drinks all night, with those all-American smiles and enthusiastic chat never fading. Bar staff of Shoreditch, take note… 😉


Precisamente Calafuria – Livorno

A change of scenario from the big city bars. This venue is close to my place in Italy, an amazing white terrace sheer from the cliffs and the sea. It is a restaurant, cocktail ‘aperitivo’ place and night club. The music, happy-hour food and funny bartenders always create a great atmosphere that perfectly matches the wonderful landscape. Cocktails are also great, kind of classic ones but they are quite flexible and you can literally ask whatever you want – also, Italian bartenders are very generous with quantities J.  I am very keen on classic cocktails, especially in summer after a day at the beach, so I always get either a Mojito or a Long Island Iced Tea.


Berner’s Tavern – London

Although technically a restaurant, you can’t help but be amazed when you first walk into this grand room; the towering walls are covered in art of varying sizes perfectly placed like the world’s most expensive jigsaw. Berners Tavern is in the very glamorous EDITION hotel where we have most recently launched BANKS rum and guided our off-trade media through the new EUTPD legislation with blu e-cigarettes (there were no complaints on the venue choice!). Even if you just stop by for a drink, this is a must visit venue as you sit in awe at the marvel of Berners Tavern.


Bar Forty-Four – New York

Walking into Bar Forty-Four at the Royalton Hotel, you know you’re in Manhattan. Low lights, ambient music and the buzz of the hard working enjoying themselves on a warm Thursday evening created a brilliant atmosphere. My husband and I were staying at the hotel during our honeymoon, and were given complimentary cocktails when we arrived – and oh my goodness they were the most inspired drinks we had ever tasted! When my husband’s arrived with a glass of cherry-wood infused smoke covering it, we knew we were in for a treat… New York is hailed as one of the leading cities for amazing cocktails in the world, and this creation in the bar of our hotel certainly proved that. Bar Forty-Four, you popped our New York cocktail cherry, and we will certainly be back!


Rosebar – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a multicultural city with a European feel and Rosebar is a beautiful venue. It has two stunning open-air patios with huge bars, serving the cool crowd that gather there after work on a Friday for a drink or two… though this often stretches into the early hours. The staff all offer great advice on their signature cocktails to try and the DJ is always playing international music. The patios are the perfect place to mingle with the beautiful and friendly Argentinians and inside you can dance your socks off – what’s not to love!


The Bootlegger – London

Open until silly-o’clock, this bar is my go to place when I’m not ready to call it a night..which is most nights. Keep an eye out for an unsuspecting, mysterious black door situated next to the local drycleaners on Lime St. The bar is prohibition-themed, brimming with 20’s paraphernalia – a gramophone, vintage till, even a very old school wooden upright piano. Tables and chairs are kept to a bare minimum, but let’s be honest, you didn’t come here to sit down – and even if you did – the Motown and R&B classics playlist will soon have you up on your feet. When it comes to the cocktails they keep it simple – they’re enjoyable and slip down a treat! I’d personally recommend the appropriately named Giggle Juice. Be it an organised work do, or a spontaneous outing with pals..if you’re not shouting declarations of love for one another at 2.45am, I’d be very surprised..12022443_1107747672615297_2410856217875654595_o