Hungry for a new social network? Meet Yummi…

By 25th July 2016 No Comments


By Aaron Huckett, Digital Account Director

There is a new social network on the scene, and if you are a foodie-obsessive like most of the Publicasity office, then this is right up your street.

Introducing Yummi, a social network that acts like your own personal food journal, currently only available on iOS.

This app has a number of features, but is predominantly a place for users to share and organise their daily meals. This can either be photos of great food that you have enjoyed whilst you are out and about, or sharing recipes of meals you have put together. These are then plotted chronological giving you a calendar view of all the food you have enjoyed – you can even categorise by cuisine.

For brands, there are two interesting features – firstly, users can geo-tag food so that other Yummi members can search restaurants nearby, or by location, cuisine or hashtag. A quick swipe right will also bring up nearby posts.┬áPosts do not have to be one image either, you are able to upload multiple for the same location.

Secondly, the recipe-sharing is a really interesting feature, as users are able to share recipes with both ingredients and step-by-step methods – so if you are a brand that is ingredients or cooking tools, it may be an idea to track down influencers on this network and see what is possible.

We think this is definitely a network to keep an eye on…