More Transparency on Instagram for Consumers and Brands

By 6th July 2017 No Comments

by Aaron Huckett, Digital Account Director

After months of deliberation and reports from the Federal Trade Commission that influencers in paid-partnerships were not properly labelling sponsored posts, Instagram has stepped in and made it easier for consumers to spot this type of partnership. Instagram recently announced that it has added a feature which shows ‘paid partnership with’ under the username of the sponsored post. This makes the commercial relationship between a brand and the influencer much easier to see, rather than expecting that consumers will scroll through numerous hashtags and find the #ad label.

For brands, this feature will also add a level of transparency. The update will make it possible for the brand to access the data on how well the paid-for post performed on the channel, rather than relying on this information being shared by the influencer.

This new update is one to watch as Instagram continues to roll it out over the next few weeks. Get in touch with us today if you need more information on this feature or how to effectively work with influencers.