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My full English breakfast

Go to school, learn as much as you can, do an internship and get a job. That doesn’t sound so bad. It’s like having a coffee with a bread roll and cheese to start your day, which is delicious and satisfying and probably the same thing everyone else has in the morning. Why not go for the big breakfast with eggs and beans and everything you can possibly wish for?

Unfamiliar ingredients
I’ve never worked for a PR agency before and being insecure whether my English is good enough has been one of my biggest concerns. With those thoughts in the back of my head, I opened the door and introduced myself as the new Belgian intern at Publicasity. A friendly smile made those fears vanish into thin air. Sandra, our office manager, guided me through what will be my workplace for the next three months and introduced me to my mentor, Marie. She completely understood my fears of not being a native English speaker, as she is German herself. Afterwards I got the chance to meet all my new colleagues. It is a struggle to remember all those names but the friendly faces make it much easier.

Whisk those eggs
After three years of studying public relations, it feels great to finally be able to do something not for a made up client but for actual ones such as Kia, Bacardi, Jack Daniel’s or Heinz. All those big brands you grew up with, and now today you’re standing here and you get to work for them? Not even to mention you’re in a completely different country and speaking a different language. As the week went by I got used to the atmosphere and the constant scent of tea and toast. A true tea and toast transformation, and I have to admit, I quite like it.

Dishing up
Completing press lists and looking for content is not as challenging or exciting as you might think, but everyone has to start somewhere. Every morning the whole team gathers to go through the newspapers. Whenever you find interesting content, you shout it out loud so everybody can hear it and someone can note it down. Dutch you say? Geen probleem! But English…that’s something else. I like to believe my language skills are improving. Confidence surely will follow. I’ve already learned more than I ever could have imagined in those past two weeks. Everyone has their own specific set of skills and luckily I get to work with everyone. This way I can experience every aspect of PR and communication and I can learn from their expertise.

I went to a different store, I bought my eggs, I stood for hours behind the cooker, and I’m still enjoying every mouthful.

Shana Houben

Shana is an Intern at Publicasity.