New features for Snapchat

By 7th July 2017 No Comments

by Aaron Huckett, Digital Account Director

Snapchat has introduced three new features to it’s platform this week – allowing users to attach links, cut the background out of photos and add augmented voice effects.

Snapchat Paperclip links let users swipe to see an attached link without leaving the app thanks to a new built-in browser. This is something that many users have been begging the platform to introduce, including many influencers and brands, as this can have greater impact for their sites, so they will be happy.

Backdrops appears to be a reversal of the traditional tools that let you play around with your face in the app – now allowing you to play around with graphics for the background. Whilst slightly more complicated as you have to manually cut out the subject in the image, we are sure many users will enjoy this feature.

Finally, once you have taken a snap with the microphone icon on, you can now edit and alter the voice to sound like a robot, cat or several other alterations – it is likely more will come in the following months.