RIP Vine- the innovative platform that failed to innovate

By 1st November 2016 No Comments

By Claire Eden, Senior Account Executive

As we bid a fond farewell to Twitter’s video sharing service, we find ourselves asking- where did it all go wrong for Vine?

Bursting onto the digital scene in 2012, the future looked promising for this creative platform. Content generators could express themselves in an exciting, fun new way that wasn’t bound by character restrictions or links. Vine’s appeal was also in its simplicity; no gimics, no filters, just six-second looped video clips.

But as soon as Vine identified this gap in the market, others quickly followed. In 2013, Facebook announced auto-play videos, and Instagram enabled their short video feature. Moreover, Snapchat were beginning to emerge as one of the big players in the industry, rejecting a colossal $3 billion buyout by Facebook and thereby showing just how confident they were that their app would one day dominate.

All the while, Twitter never developed the functionality of Vine beyond its original state. In a world where most users spend 85% of their time using just five apps, Vine fell behind- after all, why would people use a single purpose app when video capabilities were now available within a multifunctional app such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook?

Vine might have disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived, but here’s some of the content we loved:





Information Source: http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2016/10/31/vine-was-second-too-early-and-six-seconds-too-late-the-party