Snapchat to Introduce Universal Search Tool

By 17th January 2017 No Comments

By Aaron Huckett, Digital Account Director

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest bug bears with Snapchat is the lack of search-ability of content. Around the office, the young-folk are often discussing the latest great Snap that so-and-so shared, and by the time I have found it, I’ve missed out. This issue is also one of the main factors that put off other social users, so I am not alone, but it looks like that is all set to change. Welcome the soon-to-launch universal search bar.

Starting this Thursday (19th January) Snapchat will introduce an all-encompassing search tool that puts all of it’s content in one place. According to Digital Trends, the search bar is rolling out to select users on Android, with plans to make it available to all iOS and Android users in the near future.

From the sounds of it, although the searchability will not have the same curated trends that make Instagram and Twitter so much more accessible, it does mean that searching for content will be that little bit easier.