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Social Media Round-up: August

As the heatwaves of early August gradually become a distant memory and those hard-earned tan lines start to fade, our community manager Michaela Plaka selects the biggest social media successes and failures from August 2014.

#Win of the month

Starting with this month’s best, it was an easy win for the  Ice Bucket Challenge from the ALS Association. Everyone’s social feeds are chock-full of videos and photos of celebrities, CEOs, athletes and politicians taking part in the latest viral sensation. Bonus points for the great cause behind the campaign. But as this craze will also fade this month, the question any passionate marketer asks is: “What will the next ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ be?”

#Fail of the month


Also an easy win (?) for  Jet2Holidays and their not-so-brilliant stunt to give away free plane tickets in various locations around the UK. Hundreds of people turned up to chase Jet2Holidays staff – who were dressed in red morph suits (!?) – across Derby city centre for the chance to win a free break. While a great PR idea in theory, this ended up being a perfect example of how unpredictable events can be when not organised in a controlled environment and having a contingency plan, especially when promoted through social media.

Nice work Greggs!

The famous bakery franchise suffered a PR nightmare mid-August, after its primary Google search image, was replaced with an expletive-ridden parody logo. Their response was quick and effective…

‘Tweetdeck for Instagram’


Picdeck: possibly the most exciting moment for the digi team in August, Marvel App coders introduced us to the wonderful world of  Picdeck – which is basically the equivalent of TweetDeck for Instagram. A-we-so-me!

Sneaky iPhone 6 video

iPhone 6: yet another leaked picture of the new iPhone 6 and a very cryptic countdown “9.9.14 – Wish we could say more.” got everyone *VERY* excited about Apple’s newest smartphone release. But then again, it could be about the iWatch release. Guess we’ll know soon…

And finally… Scottish votes for sale

Scottish referendum: an unidentified put his referendum vote for sale on eBay and accompanied his sale with the words: “This is my very own unique piece of British History! I for one, do not give a flying monkeys about any of this. This could be the deciding vote. Who knows?”