Soho Farmhouse Bliss for HomeSense Press

By 22nd July 2016 No Comments

It was a press trip that the HomeSense team were queuing up to take-on, as Publicasity hosted four of our HomeSense press for an overnight stay at the Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire. Mirroring the eclectic and unique décor of the product available in HomeSense stores, the Farmhouse reflected the HomeSense offering perfectly. So we left our desks for a 24hour stay at one of the newest and most aspirational retreats in the UK.

Soho FH 1

With Stella, METRO, London Evening Standard and Notebook all picked-up and ready to head out on the trip, we journeyed out of London and went straight to the Cowshed on arrival for prescription treatments and some long overdue relaxation.  Alex, our friendly ‘farm help’, was on-hand throughout our stay to pick us up and chaperone us around the Farmhouse grounds to showcase the main restaurant, spa, pool, stables and kitchen gardens.


Once the daily grind and stresses were soothed from our guests’ shoulders, the custom-made milk float dropped us at our cabins on the lake for a quick change before dinner. It was a big point of reflection to identify whether we felt we had been propelled into the deep American south or the turf of the Canadian Mounties! Either way, our idyllic cabins had everything we needed to spruce up for dinner for a chance to talk shop: HomeSense! With the client on-hand to update on the unique business model of the brand, buying strategies, one-off pieces in-store and the wealth of product to find, the HomeSense values were shared and digested, only to be briefly interrupted by a sighting of David Beckham at dinner!

Soho FH 2

Roused from slumbers with a stand-alone bath and breakfast in the restaurant, we returned back to town, via the HomeSense store in Watford. The press discovere a treasure trove of interiors’ pieces and each left the store with their HomeSense bags bulging! With pillows, bake-ware, silk bedding, storage pieces and more, everyone headed off, ready to re-shape their homes and add their eclectic one-off pieces to their own style of décor.