Sometimes, brands launch new products within their categories which break into totally new ground.

By 9th November 2015 No Comments

Barbara Normile, Associate Director

Think back to when whole bean instant came into coffee, sharing bags were first found on our confectionery aisles, Belvita launched the breakfast biscuit and microwaveable rice pouches hit our supermarket shelves. These are all product areas which were once non-existent but are now not only a routine part of our lives, but also worth millions to the Grocery industry.


Well, now PG tips is set to stir things up in the tea category, with the launch of their brand new fruit and herbal tea pods that are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

Although Black Tea isn’t proving as popular with consumers as it once was, Fruit & Herbal Teas are in growth, whilst capsules are the fastest growing area in hot beverages.

Personally, I get hugely excited by genuinely original and innovative FMCG products which are rooted in solid insights and tap into consumer trends. The PG tips tea pods are an exciting launch and have the potential to do extremely well with the right marketing and PR strategy as they tap into these two growing areas in hot beverages.

Launching a range of Fruit & Herbal teas in this format is a hugely tactical and bold move from PG tips, which is sure to have other tea brands following the range closely in the next few months.

It’s certainly a potential game-changer and a product to watch – and, if they do well, maybe we’ll not only see other tea brands launching their own versions, but perhaps even hot chocolate brands will follow suit…