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Team Publi-SPLASH-ity

What to do on one of the hottest days of the year as a team building celebration for smashing a campaign’s targets? Well obviously encasing yourself in neoprene and launching into the water at the fabulous Lee Valley Olympic white water rafting centre was the BENEO team’s first choice of activity.

The fun started in the changing room when we were handed what can only be described as Star Trekesque wetsuits and given five minutes to struggle into them in 80 degree heat. Now was not the time to smile sweetly at the instructor and explain that they had given you a size way too big for what you considered a Sarah Jessica Parker sized frame so we all squeezed in, zipped up and shipped out.

The glamour of PR, wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids donned, we headed for the water. We are proud to say that we can all now add floating down the river on our backs as a skill we have learnt and an exam we have passed. Believe me, not everyone on the day managed so well. We were now fully fledged rafters.

Some would say giving a group of competitive PR’s large paddles and then expecting them to go in the same direction was utter madness! It was an amazing high octane afternoon and after many ‘left, left….NO… theotherleft’ screamed instructions, in true BENEO team style, we not only got round the Olympic course in one piece, but …without falling in much to the disappointment of the safety team!

Feeling rather smug we headed back to the changing rooms but not before a bit of venue spotting, one of the team was heard to mutter ‘oooh, that decked area over there would be great for an event wouldn’t it?’… What can I say, you can take the girls out of the office, but…..!