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The changing face of B2B PR – sharing our expertise

As communications consultants for our clients, we are continually pushing the boundaries for them; be that in terms of helping them develop social media campaigns, expanding understanding and knowledge of media across different countries and cultures, enabling their internal teams to be trained in PR or exposing them to new business opportunities that are outside their traditional remit.

With advancements in technology putting B2B businesses under pressure to communicate more often and faster, education and understanding about what can and can’t be ignored is vital to enable both clients and PR agency professionals to do their jobs effectively, focus on what’s important, achievable and can make a tangible difference. More and more, this takes the form of offering training to our clients to develop skills that streamline the decision making and communication process both internally and externally. Here are some of the ways over the past few months that we, as an agency, have been adding value to clients through training:

Bringing on junior team members – As client’s take on apprentices and graduates, we are increasingly spending time bringing these junior members of the team into the agency. Training days and work-shadowing days have been organised to help them learn the basics of PR and how to get the best out of managing the agency relationship.

Social media masterclasses – Some of our B2B clients were early adopters of social media such as Twitter but for others it is still an area to be explored and exploited. We help our clients understand what’s in it for them and the business as well as get them up and running until they start reaping the rewards. We are running more and more ‘master classes’ where key influencers in the organisation and the ‘gatekeeper’ from the client-side are brought into the agency, spend time exploring the management of message flow, content and targeting as well as timing, response tips and profile building. Equipping them in this way has helped them to develop their national and international networks of influencers significantly.

In house crisis management – We have a long history of offering crisis management services here at the agency. More and more however, we are holding training days that see client teams trained in day-to-day crisis management. By enabling and equipping them in basic processes and procedures to prevent issues from developing into crises and challenging them with “live” crisis scenarios, we are there to step-in if a major crisis situation hits the business.

Some agencies may think that we’re giving away our expertise but by empowering our clients to give it a go, it means that we’re not having to go over old ground and we can focus on the next big thing within our industry. By working alongside our client’s to train their marketing teams, we are seeing a depth and longevity to our PR relationships that is good for not only our business, but our client’s as well.

Jenny Holliday