The New Hygge for 2017?

By 9th February 2017 No Comments

By Rianna Spray, Account Executive

It was impossible to escape the Hygge trend last year as the world became transfixed with the Scandinavian word which translates to ‘cosiness’ in English. The Instagram obsessed generation especially bought into a lifestyle of scented candles, chunky knits and soft throws to cosy up and relax in. However, as we make our way into 2017 it looks as if the ‘Hygge’ trend could be coming to an end thanks to a new Scandinavian movement ‘Lagom’

What is Lagom?

 A simple Swedish philosophy, Lagom is a new trend that is (thankfully) easier to pronounce (‘la’ like ‘bar’, ‘gom’ like ‘prom’) and simpler to understand than the indefinable feeling of cosiness. Meaning ‘just the right amount’, Lagom is associated with creating balance and focuses on the idea of having not too much of one-or-the-other, but having things just right, defining everything we admire about Scandinavians: simplicity, a lack of pretentiousness and plenty of contentment.


How is it different to Hygge and how do I achieve it?

 Focused on the feeling of cosiness, Hygge is arguably a temporary state of feeling within a moment in time ,whilst Lagom is a way of life. Predicted to be a popular trend, the philosophy has already inspired a handful of brands to jump on the band wagon and produce products and initiatives based on the idea of making day-to-day life easier, more fulfilling and inexpensive. IKEA, for example, has even launched its ‘Live Lagom’ project to teach its customers how to make life more sustainable.

Popular New Year’s resolutions such as saving money, reducing stress levels and starting more hobbies are the foundations of Lagom. You can find Lagom by keeping a note of your finances and consciously reducing your environmental impact on the world (whether that be through recycling or reducing energy consumption) The idea is that every little helps.

A cheaper lifestyle and an improved work/life balance? Lagom sounds like something we could get on board with!



(Image cred: House & Home sourced from Google)