This Week In Brief

By 18th August 2017 No Comments

by Becca Evans, Account Executive

Here’s a quick look at some of the news stories that got us talking at Publicasity this week:

The Daily Telegraph highlighted the latest social challenge sweeping the nation –  the ‘10 items for 10 days’ challenge – which sees bloggers limit their wardrobe to ten essential items they can mix and match to fit their own unique style. It’s interesting to see influencers making this concept relevant again, particularly as sustainability is a hot topic right now in the world of fashion. Personally, I can’t see this one catching on with consumers – we’ve all got a secret ASOS addiction, right?


Sainsbury’s announced that although 12 million Brits are set to enjoy a barbeque this summer, we’ll waste £428 million worth of BBQ food this month due to poor planning. Charities like WRAP and Sustain are raising the issue of food waste and it’s a topic we all should be conscious of. It’s interesting to see Sainsbury’s releasing a story aimed at making shoppers more mindful and conscientious, a really powerful way to drive an emotional connection with the brand.


It was a record-breaking week for Barack Obama, who now holds the record for the most likes on a tweet. The former US President tweeted a Nelson Mandela quote along with a heart-warming photo, receiving over 3 million likes.