Where Brands Are Going Wrong With Bloggers

By 29th September 2015 No Comments

Philippe Jeanjean, Head of Digital

Last week the PRCA released their 2015 Digital Report, which highlights the rising investment brands are making in blogger activity. According to their research, blogger outreach is the biggest growth area within digital marketing budgets, increasing by 52% this year.

However, Publicasity’s own research indicates that much of this effort has been ineffective. Our recent survey of 40 leading UK lifestyle bloggers exposed some harsh truths that brands should note…


These bloggers are receiving many approaches that are missing the mark.

Simply put…many brands and agencies are doing it wrong!


Bloggers clearly identified where brands are going wrong. Sadly, most of these mistakes result from a lack of research into the blog and an incomplete understanding of how the blogger landscape has changed over the past year (for instance, not understanding typical budgets involved).

There are many more insights that emerged from our survey, including the social networks that these bloggers feel will be most important in the coming year. If you are interested in the full results of our survey, or have questions about blogger outreach, please contact us at digital@publicasity