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Why I Specialise In Trade Comms

There’s nothing dull about B2B PR!


A question I frequently get asked is why trade or B2B PR and communications, isn’t that dull? Wouldn’t you rather be implementing sexier consumer campaigns?

The answer is, there is nothing dull about getting under the skin of a business, demonstrating to a client that you fully understand the market they operate in and developing a mutually motivating relationship built on trust and respect that ultimately delivers macro outcomes.

Granted it’s not an easy position to get to. It takes time and commitment on both sides, a thirst for knowledge, intelligent and challenging thinking and complete appreciation for what the media want balanced with what a client wants to deliver. The latter being one of the biggest challenges of any PR professional.

B2B comms programmes are relentless; you have to be continually aligned with customer facing stakeholders

Over the past 11 years I have been privileged enough to have worked with a host of leading and challenger manufacturers helping to tell their corporate, category and brand stories to engage and influence customers and the wider industry to help achieve their business goals. Winning a new client never becomes less satisfying as it just represents a new opportunity to learn about a business and the category it operates. PR is about continuous learning both in the media channels we operate and the sectors and clients we represent.

There is nothing more rewarding knowing that your role in launching a new brand kick started distribution and helped a brand like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey go on to deliver £50m RSV or knowing that your integrated trade campaign got an emerging beer brand talked about by journalists and media, ultimately contributing to overall volume growth.

It’s often a misconception that trade comms programmes are unimaginative, formulaic and simple to execute. Well it’s true at Publicasity we do follow a series of basic principles to help shape a valuable trade campaign but in practice it’s much more challenging. B2B comms programmes are relentless; you have to be continually aligned with customer facing stakeholders within a business to ensure it delivers maximum impact. There are no short cuts to effective B2B communications; but maybe if it wasn’t so challenging it wouldn’t be so satisfying when it comes together!

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