Here is everything you need to know from the GWI Market Report for the UK which tracks key digital behaviours and engagement rates at a national level, all of which should be taken into consideration as you plan any future campaigns:

  • A vast majority of internet users are going online whilst they are watching television – which is not new news, however, according to the research most second-screen activities are a distraction from the content being watched on the main screen, rather than complementing. This is not great news for those brands who are trying to encourage brand engagement from consumers during live shows
  • Linked to the second-screening, multi-device usage is now the norm and mobiles are encouraging people to spend longer online; having content that works for mobile is an absolute must
  • Snapchat is still modest in comparison to the bigger players on the market but its popularity among younger demographics is considerable. Gen Z (16-20s) have a usage rate of 71%, which pales in comparison to the other channels – if this is your target audience, you cannot afford to ignore the power of this network
  • An interesting trend is emerging in the social media space – passive networking. Engagement is becoming more frequent, but less prolonged, meaning that consumers are potentially becoming apathetic when it comes to being on social media – it is more important than ever to create content that captures (and keeps!) attention
  • When consumers are aware of a brand/product and are looking for more information, it’s now 28% who say they turn to social media. This is a key factor underpinning the potential of social commerce, and considering younger consumers are the most likely to be using social for product research, it may not be long before we see social overtake search as the most important portal for consumers looking to research products online.

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