Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends

The beauty industry continued to dominate in 2017 with numerous product launches, new brands on the scene and impressive sales. It was also a year of change – brands showed us the power of social media for brand-building in the digital age, the conversation on gender neutrality and inclusivity made waves in the industry and Rihanna’s Fenty brand was on everyone’s lips (literally).

With that in mind, here’s a look at what’s to come for 2018:

1.Skin Supplements Become ‘The Norm’

Whilst various forms of skin supplements, especially pill format, have been around for many years, it has always been a highly debated, niche area. However, the tide is changing with GP and skin specialist, Dr Anita Sturnham, predicting that this year your average beauty consumer will start to introduce these supplements into the everyday regime, slowly making it the norm.

2.Wellness Enters Beauty

Wellness was the word on everyone’s lips for 2017, transforming approaches to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 2018 will be the year this trend will start to impact the beauty industry. More than ever, the ingredients being used in all level of products will be scrutinised for any negative impacts they have on the body or the world around us. On top of this, the growing popularity of Ayurveda is bringing a more holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the use of mind, body and soul, which is something brands will focus on in 2018.

 3.Pops of Colour

It has been a big trend in the homes market for the past two years and continuing into this year – but bright pops of colour is going to be big in 2018. According to Elle, it looks like it will start with bright eye shadow palettes and crazy lip colours.

4.Brands Championing Inclusivity

According to Vogue, the beauty industry is taking a closer look at diversity and inclusivity, due to issues across the political, economic and religious spectrums – from Trump to Brexit. This has already started with Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s all-shades-included brand, and many more brands are bound to follow suit this year.