The media’s time is under more pressure than ever and at key seasons, like buses, launch invites can come all at the same time.

To make sure our invites do not end up on the journalist’s ‘nice to go along to if I have time’ list, Publicasity believes the run up to an event is as important as the day itself.

This was core to how we recently profiled F&F’s new activewear range at London’s buzzing Ministry of Fitness. 

 What better way is there to showcase the quality and usability of an activewear collection to the fashion pack than to get them to try it out themselves.

Through the Publicasity team’s address book, hard media networking and social listening, each journalist was sent a bespoke outfit to entice them to join the F&F HIIT class and put the gear through its paces.

We also reacted to media feedback that highlighted the time of day was critical to get maximum participation in this immersive launch which was why it all kicked off at the crack of dawn with an 8am start ahead of the working day.

 Creating something that is interactive and equally shareable is critical to a successful event and it’s all in the detail.

From the room styling and branding, to the instructors also donning the latest pieces from this collection, and the names of the vitamin packed smoothies married with the brand’s playful nature with ‘Bitch don’t kale my vibe’ and ‘It’s the whey you make me feel’, F&F at Tesco was truly front and centre of the proceedings.

The session was shared far and wide on social media that day and subsequent product coverage has been flooding in.