Recently released stats from GWI may not surprise you: 98% of the consumer demographic that is interested in fashion own a smartphone, 92% own a laptop and 56% have a tablet to boot. So it seems odd that the detail of the digital dwell time still comes as a surprise. Consumers are online for more than 4 hours a day from a laptop and another 3 from a mobile device. But then again, these are the audience shaping the retail industry. Brands are no longer in charge of their own retail hours, the consumer shops 24 hours a day and we’re driven to e-commerce through an increasing plethora of mechanics.

Social media & influencers are brute forces in driving not only brand awareness but the key click-through to e-commerce sites. If 51% of the fashion-interested consumer wants to stand out from the crowd, 85% find it important to express themselves and 72% are keen to impress through ‘status’, it should come as no surprise that the evolution of shopping is moving quickly. The use of mobile is the primary function for commerce behaviour, with 67% of purchases being bought from phones and tablets; 1 in 4 of which within the last month. 49% of traffic is driven through search engines, 48% from an ad seen online and 43% from brand or product websites.

Catching the attention of your consumer online and through mobile is key. Influencer marketing has stand-out potential to capture your audience as 51% of these consumers research products via social networks, 91% through expert bloggers and influencer posts, and an additional 58% driven to purchase from vlogs.

If you’re a fashion brand and you’re keen to capture this active audience in their natural habitat, it’s key to get them on the move and through a source that they trust. Influencers, word of mouth and preferred celebrities have cut-through to the consumer, and that is where we can help you take a piece of the fast-paced e-commerce pie. Our strategic influencer and social media insights can monitor your digital conversation and ensure that the influential and the relevant are talking to your target audience, at the right time.

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