Has it only been just over a week since I started here? It honestly feels like much longer. I reckon there are a couple of reasons why it feels like I’ve been working at Publicasity for a long time…

To begin with, I love how I was thrown (head-first) into projects, brainstorms, presentations, copywriting, sourcing of content, research; the list goes on and on, but there’s a swirl of creativity in everything this agency does and I immediately felt a part of that!

Everyone has been incredibly welcoming from Day 1 and I must say I particularly enjoyed the not-awkward-at-all mini introductions with everyone on my first day at Publicasity – a great way to get a snapshot of everyone and their roles, even if it feels a little like speed-dating.

On a serious note, I’m thrilled to be a part of the digital team which is informed by some of the most creative, professional and incredible people I’ve ever met in a work environment. Apart from all the chemistry, I especially enjoy the creative moments and the digi-geek bits! It really shows how passionate we all are about what we do and it already feels amazing to be a member of this team..

Being from abroad and living in the UK for over two years now and working in London for the past year, I now know more than ever how important it is to have good people to work with. The positive vibes, the feedback and the appreciation of great work is what inspires me to be better, keep improving, set the bar high and achieve any goal or aspiration.

The team at Publicasity are definitely my kind of people, so here’s to a great start and an even more amazing, creative, crazy future.

Michaela Plaka

Michaela Plaka is a Digital Consultant at Publicasity

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