by Julie Malamute, Associate Director

Last night I attended the private preview of My Name Is Prince at the O2, which opens today and runs until 7 January. The exhibition showcases hundreds of items from Prince’s phenomenal musical career and celebrates his life. You should know that I am a Prince fan, so this review is heavily biased; however, if you don’t think Prince was someone extraordinary, otherworldly, and so tremendously talented, then you need to see this exhibit more than any of his fans. You’re in the dark, walk towards the light – all the way to Peninsula Square. Prince’s family have done an amazing job allowing you to walk through his career spanning forty years – you’re given a headset so you can experience the exhibit at your own pace – people going every which way, some singing, some dancing, everyone smiling. You’ll see how he got his start, writing his first song at seven, his first guitars on display, handwritten lyrics and doodles in notebook margins to becoming one of the most successful and iconic musicians of his generation. There are loads and loads of live performances on big screens throughout the exhibit with seating to sit down and watch awhile. And the clothes! So many handmade outfits to see from Purple Rain to LoveSexy to Graffiti Bridge and even the infamous Raspberry Beret cloud suit. You can even hold one of his guitars from the Musicology Tour (with gloves on of course). And yes, you will see that he was diminutive, but you will also see and hear that what he contributed to music, to art, and to fashion is colossal. If you can’t make it to Paisley Park, Prince’s home and studio in Minnesota, then don’t miss My Name Is Prince.