Ali Patel, Consultant

Confusion CAN be good for business!


As PR’s we are always taught to communicate clearly and concisely – however recent events have shown that confusion CAN be good for business!

‘Blue and black or white and gold mum?’ was the phrase I woke up to on Saturday.

The heated debate that then ensued was mirrored across the globe, as people struggled to understand the finer points of colour perception.

As well as getting us all talking, #dressgate has also proved amazing for Roman Original’s business:

  • Within minutes of the image going viral on social media the dress had sold out
  • Roman Originals recorded hundreds of thousands of hits to the site
  • A gold and white version of the blue and black dress that triggered such debate is now in the offing

PR like this can’t be planned, but our response to it can.

From a B2C point of view, I love the response from Pizza Hut to the rising debate:

From a B2B viewpoint, one of our Publicasity clients used the opportunity to highlight their superb retail lighting offering:

Whether you think it was blue and black or gold and white, #dressgate is a salient reminder of the undeniable power of social media……in fact, think I’ll be off to order that gold and white dress now!