Last week, we attended the Telegraph Travel Show at the ExCeL Building. A must-attend event for the discerning traveller, the show gave visitors the chance to swap brochures and screens for real life and receive personalised advice from The Telegraph Travel journalists. After some highly interesting seminars and chats with leading travel providers, we’ve collated a list of travel trends set to inspire some serious wanderlust!

1.Extreme Vacations: travellers are becoming thrill seekers, and the tourism industry is catching up on this most exciting of travel trends, offering all manner of extreme vacation experiences.

2.Train Trips: The nostalgia of rail lines is giving way to an emerging industry of train-based tourism. You might be surprised by how cool these trips can be.

3. New Orleans: The party capital turns 300 years old this year!

4.Multigeneration Holiday: Parents need a break, don’t they? That’s why the grandparent-grandchildren vacation is becoming increasingly common among emerging travel trends.

5.Art Retreats: Art is a great way to clear the mind and to invigorate the spirit, a reason why art retreats are becoming more popular with a wider group of travellers.

6.River Cruises: 2018 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years yet for river cruises, particularly in Europe.

7.The Wellness Vacation: There are more and more resorts opening up that promise their guests a wellness vacation, complete with spa treatments, yoga, exercise and more.

8.Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Of the emerging travel industry trends, one of the most prominent is people thinking of travel as a means of opening their eyes, which is why they’re traveling to more exotic places wherein they can immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture.

9.Sustainable Tourism: With the world getting more crowded by the day, vacationing in a sustainable manner is becoming more important.