new look Publicasity

We are celebrating our 40th birthday this year with a fresh new look and evolving our marcomms offer. This encompasses all our key services under four disciplines: PR, digital, content and brand experiences.

Given the way the world operates these days, we strongly believe that brands need a blend of influence touchpoints to cut through. We live in an age where us consumers are uber tasking whether at home or at work, grabbing headline information across channels, tactically using ad blockers or fast forward to get that promotional content cluttering up our newsfeed out the way, so there’s a real danger that once loyal audiences become disengaged and at worst, disconnect with a brand altogether.

So, in response to this, we have developed a suite of proprietary tools to build our insights into your target audiences and an ideation model that to inform all of our future (and current) campaigns. We like to think of it as a mixture of science and art but ultimately it continues to be about telling your story to the right people, in the right places and at the right time to shape their opinion to take action. To summarise we call this new positioning “Storytelling into story doing”

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