How We’ll Live In the Future

By 8th November 2016 No Comments

By Julie Malamute, Associate Director

The future became the present at our Siemens Home Appliances media event on 2 November. Entitled ‘Experience The Future With Siemens Home Appliances’ we partnered Food Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye to look at three key trends which will influence the way we live our lives. In her work, Dr Gaye explores all aspects of food, and applies modern scientific research to history, nature and global cultural theory and consumer behaviour. Leading the way in home appliance innovation and technology, we then created an event inspired by Dr Gaye’s future predictions, bringing the media a taste of things to come.


With the first trend Water As A Luxury, we worked with the world’s first water sommelier, Arno Steguweit, who flew in from Berlin to give water tastings at the event. With the second trend, Prohibition in the 21st Century , we teamed up with incredibly-talented Paul Tvaroh from Lounge Bohemia, who is renowned for his canapés made from alcohol. His Bearlini, a gummi-bear shaped treat with a full Bellini inside was very well-received! And with the third trend – Yearning for More Time – we displayed Siemens’ appliances, highlighting the technology which can help you slow down, speed up and bend time. With Siemens’ innovation, we can make our chores fit around us and our time, rather than the other way around. Fashion team CuteCircuit also showed off their smart textiles and micro-electronic dresses which have made them popular amongst the likes of Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger. A very well-received and well-attended evening with a total of  55 media attending from the likes of Delicious, House & Garden, Wallpaper*, Stylist and many more!