Pepsi Max Meet Ups

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By Tom Ladds


On a sunny mid-week day in July, two exciteble barmen, a photographer, a videographer, around 25 journalists and business operators, a handfull of Pepsi Brand Managers and a dashing young PR with bright eyes and a bushy tail descended upon The Railway in Tulse Hill.

Pepsi Max Bar

Quite a mix. Coincidently, that’s what we were all there to witness – the art of the mix (as in mixing drinks, not the Norman Cook style of mixing). The day was finally here, but the Publicasity team had been hard at work on the behind-the-scenes side of the event for some time.

Kicking off proceedings, the two previously mentioned barmen – who were from Hedonist in Leeds –were there to showcase their expertise when it came to mixing with one particular drink. Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max is, of course, a low-calorie, sugar-free cola – distributed in the UK by Britvic. It is also an incredibly versatile mixer due partly to its obvious sweetness, but also its diverse undertones.

The mixologists went on to demonstrate this to the attendees, mixing cocktails and mocktails (mainly cocktails), and wowing the crowds with staples such as the Burboun Max and the Tequila Max.

Pepsi Max Cocktails

However, the fun escalated as we delved into the world of the experimental. Those present sampled El Fredo, which is a blend of Pepsi Max, cherry, Amarretto, bitters and Burboun, as well as a mojito-like Rum coktail called Cuban Seltzer. The showstopper came in the form of the final drink, the Summit of 71, which was essentially a Cola Float with Vodka.

After an amazing and educational afternoon of drinks sampling, food was served and the networking began in ernest. Guests left with a full tummy and an increased knowledge in all things Pepsi Max – which ensured we had a happy client indeed.

Interested to see more? Here’s a video:

First Pepsi MAX Meet Up Event from Publicasity on Vimeo.

Interested to see even more? We’re doing another Max Meet Ups event soon, so watch this space…