Things I’ve Learnt Since Starting at Publicasity

By 19th July 2017 No Comments

by Shenelle Barker, Account Executive

Since joining Publicasity over a month ago, I thought I would share some of the new lessons and works skills that I have learnt which are key for anyone starting out in the PR industry – especially at an agency!

Time Management is Key                  

For anyone joining a busy, fast paced agency, you need to ensure that your time management is on point. Be realistic with yourself and teams in terms of work load management – you cannot do everything and always best to be honest and upfront from the beginning. There are so many different ways of managing your time and your to-do-list, so try a few and ask around the agency to see how they handle it – you’ll find the one that works for you pretty quickly!

PR is not simply just a press office

Since starting at Publicasity, a week hasn’t gone by where I’ve stayed in the office by my desk. I’m learning all different elements of PR, which are both eye-opening and a great learning experience. My highlights to date include supporting the Tesco F&F team with their Christmas in July event and creating GIFs for TK Maxx Home – two very different aspects of the industry, but both a lot of fun!

Notebooks are my best friends

It seems so simple, but trust me when I say, from day one, you need to grab yourself a notebook and pen – and make sure they are pretty (personal opinion!). When working in a busy agency with a great client portfolio, there are many different rules and regulations from the various clients, as well as understanding the different industries. I find myself writing down EVERYTHING as this really helps me stay ahead of the game.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Coming from a small agency I didn’t have a team to rely on if I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload. Joining Publicasity has taught me to be a team player, helping whenever I can, but most importantly knowing that I have a wider team who can also support me!


As cliché as it sounds everyday I’m learning something new, trying to better myself and putting my best foot forward in everything I do. I’m still finding my feet but I know with time I’ll be settled in and more confident within my new role.