Vogue Festival

By 24th May 2016 No Comments


We were out an about on Saturday morning at the Vogue Festival in South Kensington to hear the greats from Vogue talk fashion. Grace Coddington and Lucinda Chambers were at the Royal Geographical Society in front of a posse of fashionistas in a ‘this is your life’-esque discussion on Grace Coddington: her inspirations, her move from modelling to fashion editor, and her love of all things clothes.


The talk from the US and UK fashion directors covered a wealth of expertise, creative innovation and stories to really rock your fashion socks. The stories of passion exposed Grace being known to weep at fashion shows, all the way to Lucinda having ‘found’ Naomi Campbell. It was under a titter from the crowd that we heard how Lucinda may have been responsible for turning the young girl from Streatham into what is now ‘Naomi Campbell’ in one fashion shoot!

The story of Grace Coddington’s move from small town States to NYC was inspirational. Spurred-on from people leading Grace to be a model – owing to her height rather than her beauty – were just some of the titbits revealed from an iconic industry powerhouse. Her work ethic and love for fashion opened doors to start at Vogue, where Grace went from ‘knowing everything’ to be overwhelmed in her new role. She found her feet, nurtured Lucinda Chambers as an assistant, to become the now, iconic US fashion director and living legend.

If we can take anything away from the talk, it would be that passion cannot be suppressed, and if you’re after a modelling opportunity with Grace; get yourself some red hair, and be hungry for success.


By Odette Freedman, Senior Account Manager