What We Do

Given how we all live our lives today, we are rarely influenced by any one sphere of influence – sometimes it’s a recommend from a friend, a celeb we follow, something we’ve read, seen or heard or perhaps all of these and more. We believe in ‘the communications blend’ and that most communication challenges need a multichannel approach across PR, content, digital and brand experiences.

This is why Publicasity offers a modern integrated comms approach – what does that mean? We can do all this stuff and more:


We work both on a retained and project basis offering both B2C and B2B PR services. We also have lots of experience of working effectively in an interagency environment whether it be as the lead agency or taking direction to collaborate on a master comms plan.


We offer brand positioning workshops and have our own ideation process taking inspiration from both future trends as well as popular culture. “A good idea or campaign platform should outlive you” is one of our creative mantras along with a fear of the obvious.

Insights &


All our campaigns are founded on research – whether that be from data sources, our own proprietary tools & equally getting out & talking to the desired target audience. This is about building a strategy based on a real ‘aha’ moment that substantiates our ideas.

Press Office &

media relations

From acting as a brand’s press office to developing a media outreach programme – it’s all about building a media profile and coverage generation. We have a strong and varied address book of key contacts crossing various media types and sectors.



We have inhouse copywriters and designers (both graphic and motion) so we can offer full service content both in the written, visual and moving form. Anything from press & consumer materials through to look books, photography, gifs, apps, websites and more.



We offer completely tailored social media programmes dependent on the need of the client. This is everything from full community management, including customer services, through to channel design, tone of voice development and social media advertising.


We have an expert team of digital analysts who specialise in everything from SEO and PPC through to e-marketing. Alongside this, our website development team are able to produce stunning websites from scratch.


design photography video

We don’t just come up with the campaign tactics. Thanks to our inhouse design team and a roster of preferred partners in the mobile, video, print and photography world we can manage creation and implementation too.


& Analytics

As per our belief that it’s the outcomes that matter – a campaign success should not only be determined by its outputs but also its commercial impact. That’s why we tailor our evaluation model to suit each individual client’s business.

Events &


We handle small and large scale events both media facing and direct to consumer or customer – from product launches, store openings, media hospitality, brand to hand, stunts, reader events and exhibition support.



We understand the power of influencers – from bloggers, vloggers, celebrities to citizen journalism. We also understand the need to prove ROI, therefore we have created our very own Influencer Relationship Management platform.

Media Planning

& Buying

We don’t profess to be a media buying agency but we do have capabilities and experience to recommend paid solutions to enhance an earned reputation and supplement owned channels. This will span both planning ad schedules, advertorials and media partnerships.