Here at Publicasity, it’s the outcomes of our communications that matter. Using a mixture of science and art, we design and drive impactful multichannel campaigns with measurable results, via engaging PR, digital, content and brand experiences.

As a PR agency, we strive to increase trust in our clients’ brands, incite behavioural change, develop and build communities and ultimately, achieve a fantastic commercial impact.

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News & Views


* NEW ROLE * PR Account Executive

PUBLICASITY KPIs & JOB SPECS KPIs – ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Per annum: Strive to ensure a minimum of 128 hours are allocated to billable client time…

Experience is Everything for Everyone

No matter what generation you’re from, be it Gen X, Y, Z, baby boomers, millennials or otherwise, what is clear is that when eating out,…

A Christmas Wonderland in August for F&F

In a strategic move to swap the traditional press events & drop-in format to a more intimate, deep-dive dinner, the F&F Christmas showcase was hosted…

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