Here at Publicasity, it’s the outcomes of our communications that matter. Using a mixture of science and art, we design and drive impactful multichannel campaigns with measurable results, via engaging PR, digital, content and brand experiences.

As a PR agency, we strive to increase trust in our clients’ brands, incite behavioural change, develop and build communities and ultimately, achieve a fantastic commercial impact.

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News & Views


A Christmas Wonderland in August for F&F

In a strategic move to swap the traditional press events & drop-in format to a more intimate, deep-dive dinner, the F&F Christmas showcase was hosted…

London’s Hottest New Hotel Meets the Hottest New Collection from F&F

Although we’re only just pulling our sundresses and sandals out from the depths of our wardrobes, the fashion world is already looking ahead to the…
i believe that children are our future…

I believe that children are our future…

Recent Mintel research has given us some seriously intriguing insights into the consumer habits of the so-called ‘i-Generation’, or 16-20 YOs. Brands can sometimes turn…

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