by Tom Hargreaves, Director

It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about trends for the coming year, and nowhere is that more keenly felt than in the food industry.

Earlier this month Waitrose launched their annual Food & Drink report where they predicted, amongst other things, the emergence of ‘Japanese Dude Food’ (sounds like something from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and the ‘Fourth Meal’ (thanks but I’m fat enough already with three!).

Whilst on the other side of the pond, US retailer Whole Foods recently told the world to expect ‘Floral Flavours’ (at least the meal would look beautiful I suppose) and ‘Functional Mushrooms’ (mushroom coffee anyone?) in 2018.

This all sounds very interesting but will these so-called trends truly resonate with consumers and stand the test of time?  Or will they just disappear as a brief fad, never to be heard of again?

In conjunction with our friends at Mintel, we’re hosting a Food Trends breakfast seminar on Tuesday the 21st of November so if you want to come down and learn why plant power really is going to become a burgeoning food trend and appear on our plates for many years to come then you’d be very welcome…

Please RSVP to events@publicasity.co.uk