Remember back in 2016 when the ‘Hygge’ trend was impossible to escape? We all became transfixed with the Scandinavian word which translates to ‘cosiness’ in English as it took over the world of fashion, interiors and food. Now two years down the line, Shutterfly has announced some of the new trends that are waiting to takeover; take a look at our top five below.


Pronounced ‘fy-aka’ this trend encourages us to relax both our mind and body and take pleasure in the feeling of doing nothing. It might not be practical to take on every day, but we can certainly aim towards this on a lazy Sunday at home!


Possibly our favourite from the list. A Dutch word pronounced as ‘heh-sell-ick’ and translates to ‘good vibes’ in English. Gezelling describes the feeling of warmth you get when you spend time with the people you care about in a calm environment.


An Icelandic word (pronounced; glew-ga-veth-ur) which defines ‘window weather’, i.e. weather that is lovely to look at, but unpleasant to be outside in. We can’t be the only ones who find the sound of rain against the window relaxing?


Originating from France, this word is used to describe the delight of reuniting with loved ones after a significant time apart.


A Norwegian saying that translates to ‘fireplace cosiness’ in English. Fire place cosiness is described as sitting in front of the fire, enjoying its warmth. Something to enjoy in later in the year once summer has been and