The power and influence of video content has been at the forefront of the marketing and social media industry for many years, cited on many an annual trends report. In the past year, we have seen its prominence in how internet users are engaging with brands on social media, becoming a key element in the changing landscape of commerce, entertainment and marketing.

But what is the future outlook and what do brands need to add to their agenda for content planning? Here are some insights from the latest report from Global Web Index (GWI):

  1. Video will continue to take a more central role in the social media experience, transforming how brands connect with consumers on social media platforms. With social video becoming more advanced and offering more immersive experiences, there is a clear opportunity to jump on this trend
  2. Social video has become more than just users sharing moments of their lives. Entertainment companies have jumped on the power of video, sharing live sports events, music events etc. Just think about Beychella, with everyone heading straight to Facebook to watch Beyonce dominate the music event of the year. According to GWI, in the foreseeable future, social media will continue to complement these more traditional entertainment outlets rather than replace, but there is a potential that this will change in years to come
  3. Coupled with this, as live streaming continues to gain momentum, this will accelerate the process by which major social media companies will make inroads into new industries, especially in the news arena . Most of the UK were glued to the live stream of St Mary’s Hospital for a glimpse of the new heir to the throne, rather than waiting for the likes of MailOnline or the latest BBC news alert
  4. Therefore, all this culminates in a very big issue for any brand – how to get cut-through in quality and delivery of message on their videos. The only real way to make noise is to offer consumers something which is interactive and engaging

Therefore, it is now more important than ever to use a mixture of science and art to tell your brand story to shape opinions – and that is exactly what we do. We call it ‘storytelling into story doing’ through PR, digital, content and brand experiences and have years of experience in creating engaging brand video content, ensuring we are grabbing the attention of consumers. If you would like to see our show reel or see how we can support your brand story – get in touch today.